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Find out the screening schedule for CineRail 2015.

60 competing films, 22 countries, as well as 3 feature films out-of-competition. Beautiful films, surprising, disturbing, exotic, dreamy, funny, touching. Films that make you travel by train, by metro ... by dream.

Wednesday, 16th December, 2015

2 h 00
Short Fiction Films 1 at "Reflet Medicis"
  • Shades of Gray, by Alexandra Averyanova (Russia)
  • Like New (Z.G.A.N.), by Serge Fenenko (Netherlands)
  • The Voice in the Head, by Cyrus Trafford (United Kingdom)
  • Entrain, by Adrien Benson & Elaine Poon (Canada)
  • Have Sweet Dreams, by Ciprian Suhar (Romania)
  • Correspondences, by Nicolas Béguin (France)
  • The Way You Die (Schnee in Rio), by Manuel Vogel (Germany)
  • In God We Trust, by Elefterios Zacharopoulos (France)
  • Platform 13 (Perron 13), by Camiel Zwart (Netherlands)

2 h 15
Short Documentary Films 1 at "Reflet Medicis"
  • Ticket from the Past (Station Erinnerung), by Miriam Steen (Germany)
  • The Between Trains, by Julia Sergina (Russia)
  • A Star for the Mikado, by Michel Verrière (France)
  • Through the Closing Doors, by Lucas Andrés Barreto (Brazil)
  • Fish of Lake Baikal, by Antonio Lukich (Ukraine)
  • Friday 8:15 PM (Viernes 20:15), by Agustin Burghi (Argentina)
  • EH to ZED, by Dan Sokolowski (Canada)

2 h 00
Short Fiction Films 2 at "Reflet Medicis"
  • Polaroid, by Julia Elise Schacht (Norway)
  • Mashka, by Igor Kagramanov (Russia)
  • Little Darling (Director's Cut), by Damian Smith (Australia)
  • Wanderer, by Chanel Bowen (Australia)
  • Je suis à l'heure, by Isabelle Quintard & Fabien Motte (France)
  • Too Young to Drive, by Marija Stonyte (Lithuania)
  • Paris From the Ground, by Arnaud Kehon (France)
  • Lost in Stångby, by Therese Ahlbeck (Sweden)

1 h 48
Feature Film at "Reflet Medicis"
  • Behavior (Conducta), by Ernesto Daranas (Cuba) preview showing
    presented by Mathilde Declercq, Distributor at Bodega Films
    “Cuban cinema and cuban society”, a discussion with Françoise Escarpit
Thursday, 17th December, 2015

2 h 00
Short Fiction Films 3 at "Reflet Medicis"
  • Spanish Level 1, by Guy Dessent (Belgium)
  • Happy Thoughts, by Kimberly Grefberg (Sweden)
  • Candour Babylonian, by Bogdan Hatisi (France)
  • Non Stop, by Andrey Tzvetkov (Bulgaria)
  • Missed Connections, by Alaa Abi Haidar (France)
  • Lost in Vandlitz (Verpaskungen), by Grigoriy Dobrygin (Russia)
  • Lightyears, by Florian Baron (Germany)
  • All Is Fine (Alles gut), by Elke Brugger (Germany)
  • The Carriage (A Carruagem), by João Vasco (Portugal)

1 h 30
Corporate Films at UIC
  • Infrabel - 5 Priorities, by Michel Sion & Fabian Sanguinetti (Belgium)
  • Nous sommes le mouvement : SNCF vœux 2015, by Damien Peyret (France)
  • Carte de visite SNCF Logistics, by Michel Kharoubi (France)
  • Routes Into Rail: What I Have Always Wanted, by Robert Pendlebury (United Kingdom)
  • Lille Flandres : votre gare vit, votre gare change, by Guillaume Bathelemo (France)
  • Train of Future, by Patrick Vandebroeck (Belgium)
  • Train World (Making of), by François Schmitt (Belgium)
  • Impact, by Thomas Baeken & Arnaud Reymann (Belgium)
  • 9 Lives, by Michel Kharoubi (France)
  • Omissions d'arrêt, by Michel Kharoubi (France)
  • Quarrel With Sands, by Alireza Akhavan Deilami (Iran)
  • Easy Access Together, by Fabienne Le Loher (France)

2 h 15
Short Documentary Films 2 at "Reflet Medicis"
  • A Passenger Stream, by Anna Dranitsyna (Russia)
  • Railroads, by Romane Schirm (France)
  • Prodigal, by Livia Ungur & Sherng-Lee Huang (Romania)
  • Sounds of the Soul, by Robin Dimet (Russia)
  • Lite Feet / Starting Point, by Tommaso Sacconi (Italy)
  • The Railway Girl, by Eva Sehet & Maxime Caperan (France)

2 h 00
Short Fiction Films 4 at "Reflet Medicis"
  • The Mechanical Waltz, by Julien Dykmans (France)
  • Fuck Freedom (Fanculo libertà), by Dario Patrocinio & Maurizio Mazzotta (Italy)
  • Engrenage, by Swann Chesnel, Léonard Mercier, Etienne Gaulupeau & Fabien Rosier (France)
  • Prose of the Trans-Siberian, by David Epiney (Switzerland)
  • Single Trip, by Emilie Noblet (France)
  • Being James, by Haolu Wang (United Kingdom)
  • Blue Train, by Manolis Mavris (United Kingdom)
  • Travel by Feet (Viaje a pies), by Khris Cembe (Spain)
  • En route, by Xu Zhang (China)

1 h 40
Feature Film at "Reflet Medicis"
  • Two Friends, by Louis Garrel (France)
Friday, 18th December, 2015
Awards ceremony and screening of winning films
Cocktail party
  • Book signing: Le train fait son cinéma vol. 2 [FR], by Patrick Brion and Georges Di Lallo, Riveneuve editions

1 h 21
Feature Film
  • Bad Day at Black Rock, by John Sturges (USA)
    presented by Patrick Brion and Georges Di Lallo

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    Reflet Medicis

    Cinema "Reflet Medicis"
    3 rue Champollion
    75005 Paris

    Metro Ligne 10 Cluny – La Sorbonne • Ligne 4 Saint-Michel


      At "Reflet Medicis":
    • Short fiction films competition
    • Short documentary films competition
    • Feature films: Behavior and Two Friends
  • Logo UIC


    UIC (International Union of Railways)
    16 rue Jean Rey
    75015 Paris

    Metro Ligne 6 Bir-Hakeim


      At UIC:
    • Corporate films competition
    • Closing night on invitation only
    • Feature film on invitation only: Bad Day at Black Rock


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