International Festival Trains on Film

Festival 200614th CineRail

Dates and place from 8th to 15th February, 2006 in Paris, France
Themes Trains in American films
Tribute to the Metropolitan
Opening film The White Suit (Belo Odelo), by Lazar Ristovski
Feature films Boxcar Bertha, by Martin Scorsese
Human Desire, by Fritz Lang
The General, by Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman
The Untouchables, by Brian De Palma
The Claim, by Michael Winterbottom
The Station Agent, by Thomas McCarthy
Gates of the Night, by Marcel Carné
The Night Caller (Fear Over the City), by Henri Verneuil
Pickpocket, by Robert Bresson
Subway, by Luc Besson
Jury André Cortines, President
Marie-Pierre Huster, Clive Lamming, Dominique Bruneau


Grand Prix CineRail Transports amoureux, by Laurent Fléchaire and François Bordes
Golden CineRail for Fiction Tango del aire, by Chris Roth
Golden CineRail for Documentary Will the Train Whistle Once More?, by Anabela Saint-Maurice
TPS Cinéclub Prize and Georges Ragot Prize "Make People Love Trains" Bouts en train, by Émilie Sengelin
SNCF "Les Idées Lumière" Prize Cafard, by Thomas Léonard, Guillaume Marques and Paul Jacomon
Special Mention for Fiction Express, by Manuel Boyer
Special Mention for Documentary Last Train to Beechwood, by Kirsten Simonsen
Special Mention for Animation Subway Score, by Alexander Isert
SNCF "Les Idées Lumière" Special Mention Entre Deux, by François Turquety and Laurent Labouille
Golden CineRail for Corporate Films L'Expert, by Mike Huber, produced by Condor Films for SBB CFF FFS (Chemins de Fer Suisses)
Transports amoureux
Transports amoureux
Tango del aire
Tango del aire
Bouts en train
Bouts en train